We work collaboratively to help our clients

  • ask the right questions
  • use contextually appropriate measures to collect data
  • analyze data accurately to draw useful insights for setting strategy

Below is an example of how we partner with our clients to develop optimal developmental goals and strategies for meeting them.



Administers measures
  • Leadership Experience Questionnaire to provide an anonymous organizational leadership culture survey
  • Leadership Competence Indicator assessments for individual managers, customizable to organization's needs
  • 360 Leadership Assessment Follow-Up to measure progress
Performs ongoing data analysis and research
  • Beyond reporting, provide insights on trends observed, identifying what matters most and what works


Provides progress report based on measures
  • Reports on impact on business metrics
Provides data insights supporting client decisions
  • Industry-level data trends
  • Insights about what matters most in which contexts
  • Insights about what change initiatives work best in which contexts