The best outcomes for both the organization and the individual result from combining the LCI assessment tool with workshops. The LCI assessment tool provides individual-specific feedback and tailored action plans for development, while workshops build team spirit, impart practical tools and methods, and integrate organization-specific case discussions about how to succeed in the role of a leader.

Workshops demonstrate how the LCI links to the critical roles a leader must assume—for example, being a role model, a team builder, a problem solver, a direction setter, a customer champ, a structure creator, and competent in technical skills needed in one’s role.

Workshops that integrate with the LCI are available through our sister organization, Kudu Performance Initiative. For more information, visit

Using the LCI in conjunction with follow-up coaching and training to provide a comprehensive development program provides tangible benefits to the individual and the organization:

  • Assessments increase awareness and support receptiveness to learning at workshops
  • Using real, relevant situations for case discussions and on-the-job assignments keep trainees engaged and promotes learning.
  • Teaching principles and tools for competent decision making is best received when done in conjunction with a role model who explains how to apply it in actual work context
  • The social benefits and peer pressure of a group of managers who learn together adds to the effectiveness of the program
  • The program typically attracts good managers who want to become better