“I’ve developed ways to look for patterns and get more perspectives, which is helping me to make better decisions.”

What managers say about the program 3 months into the process...

“I’ve made progress. In meetings I try to ask more and give opportunity for others to speak, rather than just driving my point. The result is that I'm getting more feedback and responses from my team. I'm getting better in group settings.”

“I was getting very frustrated with a situation and remembered how anger makes one more prone to taking too much risk and become over-confident. I delayed making an important decision which, if encountered previously, would have had very costly consequences.”

What managers say about the LCI after receiving their reports...

“I’ve done other assessments before but none was as in depth and accurate as this. I have known about these issues before but now I am motivated because I have methods to do something about it. I’ve already started to use some of the tools mentioned at the workshop with my team leaders.”

“I like the process. This assessment and feedback is more positive than previous ones...previous feedback about cognition or personality pretty much just told me who I am. With this I feel like the sky is the limit because it integrates many components. It also helps that it does not only look at the individual manager but at the manager in context of the team and organizational leadership."

“It was very accurate and hard to take initially. It helped me to reflect on how I impact my team, and I changed some behaviors.”

“This gave me a quiet moment to reflect and it is very accurate. Now I have a plan to improve with clear actions and goals. A reminder of who I am with a new target for where to grow to. It’s different from previous assessments because it has a follow through plan and is personalized for me.”

“I am proud that our company is investing in these assessments. This is different from previous training and development programs.”