The Leadership Competence Indicator (LCI) is delivered via an online survey. It uses valid and reliable instruments to measure an individual's

  • Personality
  • Emotional responses to business events
  • Moods
  • Decision making competence
  • Leadership behaviors

The results provided give managers insight into how their own individual mix of personality, emotions, and decision making biases interact and respond to events in their specific business context. By creating this awareness, we motivate managers to learn and change the things they can. We don’t force them to do a “makeover;” instead, we encourage them to use their unique traits to inform and shape their decisions.

The LCI focuses on training managers to strengthen output skills—decision making competence and leadership behavior—to improve their end results. One-on-one feedback supports them with an achievable action plan for changing habits and strategies that will improve their decision making and leadership skills. Follow-up assessment provides a snapshot of their skills “before” and “after,” so managers can see and be encouraged by tangible, measurable improvement.

The LCI does not measure cognitive ability or values; it is designed to help managers who have already demonstrated positive attitudes and the ability to do their job. The purpose of the LCI is to help managers focus efforts on improving decision competence and leadership behaviors, which can ultimately lead to improved bottom-line results.