The Leadership Competence Indicator

The core assessment of the Leadership Competence Indicator (LCI) measures an individual's personality, emotions, and moods. The instruments we use are backed by scholarly research and are proven to be valid and reliable across cultures. The assessment is a user-friendly, online test that takes less than 1 hour to complete.

The core assessment features a set of valid and reliable video prompts that depict typical situations managers face. The prompts can be adapted to reflect situations specific to your company's culture and industry. Contact us for more information about how the prompts can be customized for your specific context.

To track development progress, we rely on 360 tools that are standardized to measure transformational leadership skills, customer care, and decision making competence. This instrument can be used repeatedly to measure progress in the context of the organization where managers need to perform as leaders. The 360 instrument can be completed by the individual in about 10 minutes.

"It’s different from previous training / feedback because it has a follow-through plan and is personalized for me."