The Leadership Competence Indicator (LCI) includes a report of the individual's online assessment and a one-hour feedback session with a coach.

The report begins with an overview of the roles played by effective leaders, which provides a benchmark against which individuals can measure their own performance. The specific roles included can be customized to align with your organization's philosophy of leadership.

The report the outlines the individual’s unique blend of input:

  • Personality preferences
  • Emotional reactions to situations that managers typically deal with
  • The prevailing mood of the individual and the team they lead
  • The combined impact of emotions and personality traits on decision making related to
    • Risk taking
    • Ability to remain objective
    • Confidence levels
    • Following sound decision making rules

The 360-degree component provides feedback on the individual's output, based on responses from the individual, their manager, their peers, and their team, including:

  • Transformational leadership behavior
  • Decision making competence
  • Customer care

The report includes tools for:

  • Using personality traits to moderate emotional reactions
  • Understanding situational work contexts
  • Developing emotional awareness and decision making competence

The report is followed by one-on-one coaching to help managers

  • Interpret their results
  • Develop personal goals
  • Measure progress

LCI-certified coaches are supported with a database of tools and methods designed to improve managerial decision making competence, including ability to assess risk, understand the context in which decisions are made, and act with appropriate confidence.